The reason is simple, performance speaks for itself. And Forestwest planer configuration has a size to suit everyone with both straight and spiral head versions.

From the smallest workshops right up to production shops, you will find a Forestwest machine that suits your individual style. All backed by a powerful 3-Year Warranty – and comprehensive customer service and technical support. When you buy Forestwest, you can expect years of trouble-free performance from your machine.

Is it a thicknesser or planer?

We use the term thicknesser because all of the machine types are planers in one way shape or form. Thicknessers are perfect for machining your timber to the desired width or thickness with consistency and uniformity.

Forestwest benchtop thicknessers - including the sell-out success of the only true helical spiral head benchtop thicknesser in Canada - opens the range through to heavy-duty industrial models capable of running all day long. With upgraded Japanese bearings for smooth and long-life operation plus the highest spiral head knife count on all capacities, the Forestwest should be at the top of your list for thicknessers.

Get it straight...

Jointers take their name from hand-held jointing planes - purpose-built to straighten timber. It is harder to machine to size consistently with these machines, but thicknessers can’t straighten timber, so these two machines go hand-in-hand. The Forestwest range has perfectly matched configurations to work with thicknessers to get your timber straight, true and to the right size… The basis of every quality job.

But I want it all

And so you can, all in one package. Combo planers combine the thicknesser and jointer function in one compact package sharing the cutterhead, motor and other components. There are trade-offs with combo planers, but depending on your needs, you may lose a little capacity in thicknesser mode, but gain a lot as combo planers will straighten wider boards. Definitely worth putting in the mix to consider what will work for you.

Not sure which way to go?

That's fine - that’s what we’re here for. Everyone's needs are different, and we’ve been here with other people plenty of times before. If you know you want, just click on the links to buy and save!

But if you need some help deciding on what will work best for you - get in touch with us – or 1 800 868 8997, or get down to the store in Mississauga. We can walk you through your options, understand your budget, what material you’re working with and offer advice on what will give you the best outcome.

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