"I have never heard of Forestwest, why should I spend thousands of dollars on a Forestwest Sawmill?" We believe you would wonder the same when you first find out about us, but just checked out what did our customer say about their purchase:


Now, why should you choose a Forestwest Sawmill?

  1. Although we are relatively new in this business (starting from 2015), our supplier has been manufacturing these sawmill for over 10 years, mainly to US, Australia, New Zealand, etc. These sawmills have been tested in these countries for years. 
  2. When first start selling in Canada, we upgrade the sawmill with bigger motor, better blades and stronger carriage, to make sure our sawmill can handle local  wood. And this has been proven by us and our customers.
  3. We have the Best Price. You may have doubts on the quality, we understand that and we have to admit we may not be as good as other ones that are much more pricey. But check our reviews, you won't regret it.
  4. We provide 2 year part warranty on all Forestwest sawmills, and the Kohler engine comes with 3 years warranty supplied by Kohler directly, so you can purchase with confidence. 
  5. All Forestwest sawmills have been tested, check the videos sent to us by our customers:

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