36" Wood Sawmill 22hp Petrol Bandsaw Mill with E-start BM11136

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Introducing the Wood Sawmill BM11136, driven by a robust 22HP Rato Petrol Engine with E-start, delivering ample power to effortlessly cut through hardwood. This bandsaw mill is equipped with a durable 162" (4115mm) long bandsaw blade crafted from Induction Hardened Steel.

With a generous maximum log diameter of 36" (915mm) and an expansive cutting width of 29.5" (750mm), this sawmill provides versatility in handling various wood dimensions. The original bed length extends to 4100mm, offering ample space for efficient wood processing, and the cutting length is around 3100mm.

This sawmill has undergone rigorous testing in the US market and has been validated by local customers working with native hardwoods. The Wood Sawmill BM11136 stands as a reliable and powerful solution for your woodcutting needs. Experience the quality and efficiency of this sawmill, proven through extensive testing and customer satisfaction.

36" Wood Sawmill Features:

  • Empowered by a robust 22hp Rato Petrol engine, this 36" sawmill is expertly engineered to efficiently handle Australian hardwoods, including Red Gum and Iron Bark.

  • Capable of processing logs with a maximum diameter of 36" (915mm) and a length of around 3100mm.

  • Additional sawmill bed extensions are available, providing enhanced flexibility.

  • Equipped with a top-quality wood-cutting bandsaw blade for precision in every cut.

  • Offering a harmonious blend of good quality and affordability.

  • The latest frame design ensures a stable and robust performance.


Model FORESTWEST 36“ Sawmill BM11136
Engine Power 22HP Rato Engine with E-Start
Max Log Diameter 36" (915mm)
Max Cut Width 29.5" (750mm)
Max Cut Length 122.5"(3100mm)
Bed Length 161.5"(4100mm)
Bed Extensions 81" (2050mm)
Blade Length 162" (4115mm)
Blade Width 1.5"(38mm)
Blade Material Induction Hardening Steel
N.W/G.W.  811lbs / 933lbs
Package Size 84"X 25" X 35"
Overall size 162"X 81"X 96"

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