2mm Narrow Parting Tool, M2 HSS Wood Turning Tool, FORESTWEST BM10923

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Elevate your woodturning experience with our premium 1/16" 2mm Narrow Parting Tool – meticulously crafted from cryogenically hardened M2 high-speed steel for an exceptionally extended service life. The cutting-edge cryogenic hardening process, cooling the steel to -185°C after hardening, ensures an edge that surpasses conventionally hardened high-speed steel by up to 5 times. Specifically designed for woodturners who prioritize turning wood over frequent grinding, this narrow parting tool excels in handling oily abrasive woods, exotic woods, green, and hard woods, allowing you to focus on turning wood rather than spending excessive time re-sharpening the blade.

Unleash your creativity with Forestwest's premium 1/16" 2mm Narrow Parting Tool – where durability meets craftsmanship for an unparalleled turning experience.

Wood Turning Tool Features:

  • Woodturner's Preference: Tailored for woodturners who prioritize turning wood rather than frequent grinding, offering superior edge-holding ability in oily abrasive woods, exotic woods, and hardwoods.

  • Cryogenically Heat Treated Blades: M2 HSS blades undergo cryogenic heat treatment, resulting in an exceptionally long service life – up to 5 times longer than conventionally hardened HSS 4341 material.

  • Super-Fine Cutting Edge: Experience a clean, smooth finish with reduced burr formation, ensuring a superior feel during use.

  • Fast and Easy Sharpening: Remarkably swift and easy to sharpen, allowing you to remove less material than before to achieve a perfect razor-sharp edge.

  • Ready to Use: The edges come bevelled, sharpened, and honed, ready to turn wood, eliminating the need for additional preparation.

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Beautiful full-size beech handles with a stainless steel ferrule. Hand-selected straight-grain beech ensures incredible strength, while large, ergonomic handles offer optimum tool control and a perfect balance.


Overall Length 19 3/4"
Handle Length 12 5/8"
Flute Length 7 1/8"
Flute Width 1 1/4"
Blade Thickness 1/16"
Packing Size/ Weight 22"x2"x2"/ 1.0 lbs

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