18ton Petrol Log Splitter, 3HP Kinetic Log Splitter BM11097P

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The Forestwest 18-Ton Log Splitter has been upgraded with a stronger and heavier flywheel system, producing more power to split hardwood. It features a more robust stand and larger wheels for improved maneuverability. This model, also known as the Kinetic Log Splitter, generates up to 18 tons of splitting force with a 3HP 4-stroke petrol motor, making it highly efficient with only 2-3 seconds per split cycle, much faster than hydraulic splitters. It requires little maintenance, needing only to be kept clean and lubricated.

This machine is elevated to approximately waist height with a stand, eliminating the need to bend over while splitting wood. Additionally, the front tray collects all split pieces, preparing them for the next split. While it's ideal for domestic use, the recommended log size is 14" long and 14" round, and the maximum size is 16" long and 16" round, although this may vary depending on the type of wood.

For the petrol engine, it's important to adjust the engine speed to ensure the cycle time is around 2-3 seconds. It's recommended to begin splitting at a lower speed and gradually increase the engine speed as needed. Running the engine too quickly can cause additional wear to the internal gears.

18ton Kinetic Log Splitter Features:

  • For kinetic log splitters, the average cycle time is about 2s to 3s, much more efficient than hydraulic models.

  • This petrol log splitter is more flexible with the petrol motor - no need to find a power point for operation.

  • This 18Ton log splitter can split firewood up to 16” long and 16” in diameter, suitable for most cases.

  • This splitter is on a stand to avoid bending for operation, easy to use. Large wheels make it easy to drag around.

  • Perfect for residential use or small rural areas. If you are tired of the slow motion of hydraulic splitters, this could be the right choice for you.



18 Ton Petrol Kinetic Log Splitter

Work Force 18T
Max Log Length 16"
Max Log Diameter 16"
Engine 3HP 4-stroke petrol
N.W./G.W. 240 lbs/ 268 lbs
Packing Size 54" x 14" x 28"

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