4.5" 3/4HP Metal Bandsaw, FORESTWEST BM20412

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Discover the Forestwest BM20412 4.5" Metal Bandsaw – your ultimate companion for robust and efficient metal cutting. Equipped with a sturdy stand featuring an under tray, this bandsaw is powered by a 550W 0.75hp electric motor and offers a versatile 3-speed pulley system to cater to your specific cutting requirements. Whether you need a vertical or horizontal cut, this bandsaw delivers exceptional performance.

Please note that different materials may require specific types of blades to optimize cutting performance.

Elevate your metal cutting experience with the Forestwest BM20412 4.5" Metal Bandsaw – a solid and efficient machine designed to meet the demands of your workshop.

4.5" Metal Band Saw Features:

  • Versatile Operation: Transform this bandsaw into a vertical saw or use it for horizontal cuts with the detachable platform, providing flexibility for various cutting tasks.

  • Adjustable Clamp: The base clamp can be pivoted up to 45 degrees, facilitating precise 45-degree mitre cuts for enhanced cutting versatility.

  • Automatic Cut-Off System: Ensure safety and efficiency with the automatic cut-off system that stops the motor once the cutting process is complete.

  • Powerful Performance: Driven by a robust 550W motor, this metal band saw is designed for power and efficiency, making it ideal for cutting tubes, pipes, solid steel, and more.

  • Compact and Sturdy Construction: With a compact structure built to last, this robust metal cutting bandsaw stands up to the demands of heavy-duty cutting tasks.

  • Cutting Capacity: Enjoy a cutting capacity of Ø114mm and 150X100mm (WxH), providing versatility for different materials and applications.

  • Convenient Stand: Equipped with legs for easy operation and a convenient tool stand, this bandsaw is perfect for DIY enthusiasts and home woodworking projects.


Model 4.5" 3/4HP Metal Bandsaw BM20412
Motor  3/4HP (550W), 110V, 5Amps
Cutting Capacity @90° Ø4-1/2”, 6” x 4” (W x H)
Cutting Capacity @45°  Ø2-3/4”, 3-1/2” x 2-3/4” (W x H)
Blade Speed 60 Hz 25, 35, 52m/min
Speed Change 3
Motor Speed 1750 RPM
Table Pivot Capacity 0o - 45o
Blade Size 64-1/2” x 1/2" x 1/32”
Packing Size  115 lbs/ 123 lbs
Warranty 41” x 14” x 18”

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