7" Precision Compound Slide Table With Fixed Base, FORESTWEST BM30201

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Experience precision and efficiency with the Forestwest Cross Slide Table, featuring a 185 x 100mm (7-1/4" x 4") table with 85mm travel in the X-axis and 70mm in the Y-axis. This well-machined compound table ensures smooth and accurate travel, providing you with the precision needed for your projects. With a dial indexed handle in 0.01mm graduation, this cross slide table is a precision model designed for high-performance tasks.

Ideal for repetitive multi-axis work, this cross slide table is a valuable tool to streamline your workflow. Its robust construction makes it suitable for heavy-duty applications, ensuring it stands up to the challenges of your projects. Elevate your workmanship with the Forestwest 7" Cross Slide Table – where precision meets performance.

7" Cross Slide Table Features:

  • Sturdy Construction: Built for heavy-duty work, the sturdy construction of this cross slide table ensures durability and reliability in demanding applications.

  • Precise and Smooth Sliding Action: Enjoy precise and smooth sliding action with a sliding range of X-85mm and Y-70mm, allowing for accurate positioning and reduced setup time.

  • Solid Table: The 185 x 100mm (7-1/4" x 4") solid table provides a stable platform for your work, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

  • Accurate Sliding: Achieve accuracy with 0.01mm Graduation, providing the precision required for intricate and detailed tasks.


    Model 7" Cross Slide Table BM30201
    Table Size  185 x 100mm (7-1/4" x 4") 
    X-travel  85mm 
    Y-Travel  70mm 
    Graduation 0.01mm
    Net Weight/ Gross Weight  23 lbs/ 26 lbs
    Packing Size 11" x 11" x 7"

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