Forestwest Stand-On Skid Steer Mini Tracked Loader BM700

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Please be advised that the price mentioned is for the machine body only, Attachments are available as separate options, and prices vary.

Introducing the Forestwest Stand-On Skid Steer, your compact powerhouse for efficient loading jobs. Designed specifically for small-scale landscape and irrigation works, the BM700 mini skid steer features a narrow frame for enhanced maneuverability in tight, compact spaces. Engineered for superior operational quality, this machine ensures durability and longevity, making it an indispensable asset for your projects.

Small on size Big in Power: The Forestwest Stand-On Skid Steer boasts a robust 306cc high-torque petrol engine with electric start. This powerful engine not only drives all machine functions with exceptional force but also provides added power to the attachments, significantly enhancing productivity for landscape and irrigation works.

Bigger in capacity Higher from ground: With a 200kg rated capacity and a stand bucket, the Forestwest mini tracked loader offers reliable performance for a variety of tasks. Its impressive 1240mm maximum dumping height enables efficient loading and handling of materials, making it ideal for jobs that require strength and power.

Beyond productivity: The Forestwest mini skid steer provides additional versatility and enhanced performance for landscaping tasks with its range of useful attachments. Its standard hydraulic parking brake ensures easy engagement and disengagement of all attachments, simplifying operation and improving efficiency for landscape, fencing contractor and builders.

Think different Act different: The Forestwest stand-on loader features an innovative design, incorporating imported Italian top-brand valves to ensure the best seal and build quality. This choice of components enhances the reliability and performance of the product. Additionally, the rarely seen built-in-frame hydraulic cylinder significantly reduces exposure to tough working conditions, while also allowing for easy access during maintenance tasks.

The Forestwest mini tracked stand-on skid steer is your ultimate solution for tackling a wide range of tasks with ease. With its variety of attachments, it becomes one of your most versatile workmates, capable of handling various jobs efficiently and effectively.

Available attachments: Narrow Bucket, Narrow Bucket with teeth, Wide Bucket, Tilting Bucket, Post How Digger with Auger (100 and 200mm), Pallet Forks, Log Grapple, Grapple Bucket with fork bottom, Grapple Bucket with plain bottom, Plow Blade, Bale Spear.

Forestwest Mini Tracked Stand-On Skid Steer:

  • Powered by a robust 306cc petrol engine, featuring electric start for quick and hassle-free operation

  • Compact and narrow frame, measuring 780mm in width and weighing 701kg, allows it to fit through Australian doorways easily, facilitating maneuverability in indoor or tight spaces

  • With a 200kg stand bucket capacity and a 1240mm dump height, it ensures exceptional task handling capabilities

  • Versatility is enhanced with numerous attachment options, enabling one machine to handle various jobs

  • Featuring an innovatively built-in frame hydraulic cylinder and top-quality parts, it minimizes downtime while providing easy maintenance access


    Model Forestwest Stand-On Skid Steer BM700
    Engine 306cc Petrol engine with electric start
    Operating Weight 701kg without attachments
    Reach Height
    2413mm with stand bucket
    Operating Height (hinge pin)
    2008mm with stand bucket
    Dump Height
    1240mm with stand bucket
    Bucket Capacity 200kg with stand bucket
    Tipping Capacity
    572kg with stand bucket
    Ground Clearance - Center
    Ground Clearance - Side
    Travel Speed  2.3km/h
    Ground Contact Pressure 35.6kPa
    Track Width 180mm
    Pump Capacity 2 x 15 L/min
    Hydraulic Reservoir 30L
    Pump Force
    6000N with stand bucket
    Machine Size
    Packing Size 1400x690x1320mm
    N.W/G.W. 701kg/800kg

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