6 Reasons Why you should Choose a Kinetic Log Splitter | Forestwest

Kinetic technology is the wave of the future when it comes to log splitting. Unlike hydraulic ones, the kinetic log splitters use a flywheel system that stores energy from the motor/engine in spinning flywheels, releasing it in one burst to pop through logs. No waiting for the ram to slowly press its way through a log, and then painstakingly retract itself. Here are some reasons why you should choose a kinetic log splitter:

 1. The full cycle time on a kinetic log splitter is as little as 2.5 seconds,

Compared to 15s-30s on hydraulic ones. Those seconds add up when you're splitting cord after cord. This makes them about 6 times faster than most hydraulic models.

2. The kinetic log splitters are stronger when powered by the same capacity motor.

Their capacities are not rated the same as hydraulic log splitter, because the force they produce comes in one quick thrust, instead of a prolonged push. So here at Forestwest, we tell you what hydraulic tonnage our kinetic log splitters could outsplit. For example, the 15ton kinetic log splitter can outsplit a 15ton hydraulic one.

3. This kind of log splitter requires minimum maintenance and service.

With no hydraulic oil or pumps, kinetic log splitters are much easier to maintain than hydraulic units. No leaky valves, no messy oil. The only maintenance a kinetic splitter needs is to keep the track clean, and lubricate the rack every now and then.

4. Forestwest has been testing our kinetic log splitter with all sorts of firewood.

Yes, they can handle tough logs. We have tested with Jarrah, Red Gum, White Gum, Simon Gum, Banksia, Wandoo, Tuart, etc. on different models, and they prove that they can handle hard wood.

34ton kinetic log splitter Forestwest

5. Forestwest provides both electric and petrol log splitters.

Electric log splitters are a great way to be able to split wood indoors – say in your shed or barn – or just have the convenience of not having to deal with messy oil and gas. Electric hydraulic splitters are usually only available at very low tonnages (3-ton, 5-ton, etc.), but we introduced an electric-powered kinetic log splitter that can out split any 26-ton hydraulic!

6. Kinetic technology is nothing new. 

While applying kinetic technology to log splitting may be a relatively new concept, the system itself has been around for ages.

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